Pedagogical Principles: 

Every child differs from other children through their personality and individuality. They are unique in their special features, strengths, disposition, personal activities, and pace of development.

In our facility, the children are strengthened and supported in their development and in all three competencies (self-competence, social competence, and technical competence). The children are cared for in a warm and friendly environment in a protected setting to be able to develop on their way to independence.
The daycare offers a lot of freedom to practice and test self-determined, self-responsible and proactive behavior. The children learn to take responsibility for their own actions and are encouraged to be considerate of others.

The Three Competencies:

The central form of learning in early childhood is play. Both individual and the group play is important. The daycare is a place in which the child's entire personality can develop without pressure to perform or learn. This development is achieved through the acquisition of skills.

We want to encourage and support the children in their skills development.
Competence is a personality trait that includes a person's ability to actively deal with various situations and demands presented by their environment.
“Every child is different from the next”


  • Independence
  • Openness
  • Develop self-awareness and self-confidence
  • Movement options


  • Experiment in diffrent areas
  • Use all senses
  • Implement your own ideas and structures
  • Get to know a foreign language in a playful way

Social Competence

  • Get to know and adhere to rules and structures
  • Conflict Management with each other
  • Communication with each other
  • Relationship within the group, community